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It’s no secret that Fairfax County and the Metro DC region is thriving in the world of startups and technology, which makes this the perfect time to bring Social Media Week Independent to the DMV.

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    Communication in the world is changing at a rapid pace. By 2022 there will be more than 6 billion digitally connected citizens, 10 billion connected devices, millions of autonomous chatbots, trillions of sensors and networks so fast that communication will happen faster than humans can even process a single thought. What will the impacts be?

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Our Speakers

  • Brian Fanzo

    Change Evangelist | Millennial Speaker

    CEO of iSocialFanz

  • Lt. Col. Vinston Porter

    Public Relations & Outreach

    Defense Intelligence Agency

  • Julie Parker

    Director, Media Relations Bureau

    Fairfax County Police Dept.

  • Carolyn Reams

    Social Media Lead & Outreach

    Office of Public Affairs, Central Intelligence Agency

  • Sarah Fraser


    Hey Frase Podcast

  • Judy Kurtz

    Columnist, In the Know

    The Hill

  • Tom Cochran

    Chief Digital Strategist & VP, Public Sector


  • Christopher J. Dorobek



  • Olivia Nuzzi

    Washington Correspondent

    New York Magazine

  • Ben Jacobs

    Political Reporter

    The Guardian US

  • Natasha Che



  • Hadas Gold



  • Shannon Jones

    Senior Director, Marketing

    Capital One

  • Paul Brandus

    White House Correspondent

    West Wing Reports

  • Anthony Shop

    Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

    Social Driver

  • Dana Stirk

    Digital Marketing Director

    Booz | Allen | Hamilton

  • Lauren Ober

    Host of The Big Listen


  • Aries Keck

    Social Media Team Lead

    NASA Goddard

  • Chuck Ghoorah

    Co-Founder and President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing


  • Patricia A. Davis-Muffett

    Senior Leader, Global Public Sector Marketing

    Amazon Web Services